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Method & Approach

Our methods and revolutionary approach guarantee that you'll raise your DAT score.

  • Eleven-week course designed specifically for the DAT
  • Course consists of weekly lecture and practice exams
  • Eight full-length exams
  • Interactive, question-based lectures
  • Course includes: Top Score Pro CD, DAT Destroyer Book,Ace workbooks, and more.
  • Textbook with thorough review of all DAT subjects
  • All of our instructors have scored in the 99th percentile
  • Free one year subscription to Ace's online DAT course


Our results speak for themselves. If you're not satisfied after taking our course, we'll even let you take it again for free.


Not only will we give you the training and tools to ACE the DAT, but you'll succeed with us at an unbelievable price! Compare us to the competition to see for yourself.

Are you ready to ACE the DAT?

  • Affordable, starting at $695 with discounts for taking multiple courses
  • $100s less than other courses
  • Retake the course with no additional charge
  • All materials included

Calendar & Location

Provo Course Dates

Lectures are every Wednesday night from 6-9pm from the last Wednesday night in January to the second Wednesday in April. All classes are held at the Provo City Library. Students have online access to all of the tests and materials and will be able to take practice tests and tutorials at their convenience based on the course schedule. Further information will be emailed to you once you register.

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