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Method & Approach

A comprehensive course in logic and critical analysis that will help you in the LSAT and in Law School.

  • Eight-Lecture course designed specifically for the LSAT
  • Program includes Weekly 3-hour lectures and 4-hour practice tests with on-line explanations
  • Personal copies of all available previously administered LSATs (over $300 value)
  • On-line tutorials and software for effective home study
  • Exclusive approach to the games that puts every question within the reach of the average student
  • Detailed examination and plan of attack for each type of logic question
  • Quick e-mail & phone response from LSAT experts


Phenomenal scores because we offer a rigorous program that allows students to study at their own pace and repeat lectures at the click of a button.

  • Individual score increases over 20 points


$795 for the complete program.

  • $100s less than other courses
  • On-line access throughout your preparation
  • All books and materials included
  • Free test timer
  • On-line tutoring packages available